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ERC-7409: Public Non-Fungible
Token Emote Repository

React to any NFTs using the RMRK NFT Emotes Standard
RMRK Emotable

What is it?

It is RMRK’s NFT smart contract that allows anyone to react to any NFT (you don’t need to be an owner of the NFT in the collection).

Reactions are expressed in unicode standardize emojis.

A user can give any number of reactions, but can only react to the same NFT using the same emote once.

Why add

Discover how it enriches the NFT experience

Token Discoverability

Tokens with more reactions could drive discoverability of the collections, which in turn allows collection creators to incentivize the interactivity.

Evolution of NFTs

Emote can be used to drive Evolution of NFTs. Much like hatching of Kanarias, you could burn someone’s house in the metaverse by reacting to it with 🔥 and put the fire out by 💧

Define the NFT value

Having 2 virtually same NFTs can cause random decisions when buying. If one is reacted to by a high profile individual, that one will definitely be worth more.
More features coming soon

 on an NFT. Try it!

Start reacting by pasting the Collection Address and NFT ID.
How to get addresses? Visit Singular.app
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